Why people fail in network marketing – 10 Pitfalls to avoid

Today we are a going talk about the ever popular question of why people fail in network marketing. So Why do people hate network marketing? One of the sad facts of network marketing is that 95% of most people will fail to ever make any significant income. In this post we will talk about the top 10 reasons why people fail in network marketing as well as why training is  important in mlm

After reading this post you will have a better idea of how to convince people to join network marketing.  You will be vastly ahead of that 95% if you follow these tips for network marketing success.

Why people fail in network marketing – Top 10 pitfalls to avoid

 Why people fail in network marketing

Lets talk about why people fail in network marketing. Below are the top 10 reasons.

1. They don’t have any clarity- If you dont know where you are going then how are you going to get there. Thats the saying that I live by. Yet so many people have no clue why they even want to make money in the first place. They say general stuff like I want to be successful, I want to make money. Thats not good enough. Without a vision you will never know what to say to your prospects. No one will follow anyone who doesnt have a a destination in mind

You must know why you want to make money in the first place. Do you want to quit your job? Are you after time freedom? You see why you know why you want to do it you can connect to other people on a more personal level. Especially if they live a similar life style to you. For example if your vision was to spend more time with your kids. When you come across someone who wants the same thing they will feel that you when you talk to them.

2. Not finding a target market. You need to be laser targeted with your marketing efforts. Marketing is all bout getting the right message in front of the right person at the right time. You cant do this if you dont know who you should be marketing too.

3. Not enough about your target market- What are the problems fears and frustrations that your target market is going through? What issues are they trying to solve? Without these questions answered you will just be spinning you wheels

4. Not investing into self development- Without investing into programs such as empower network for self development you will not get the results you are looking for. Reading and listening to audio in mandatory. Check out the Video below.  You see when you invest into you mind you will start to drastic differences in your results . However much you improve your mind is however much you results will improve with your business.

5. Pitching to random people- This is the fastest way to frustration and failure. You need to know exactly the type of people you need to be targeting. Just using a shot gun approach will never work. You can talk to 1000 unqualified people and make 0 sales. Then talk to 10 qualified people and make 7 sales.

6. Talking to the wrong type of prospect- As a rule I only go after people who already have an entrepreneurial mind state. Because people with a permanent job mind state are a waste of time to try and talk to. You can waste time talking to skeptics or you can get paid talking to people who are ready to make money. Below is a great list of the type of prospects you should be talking to.

- Real Estete Investors

- Stock marketing investors

- Bankers

- People in other companies

- Internet Marketers

- College students

- Affiliate marketers

- Home business owners

- Small business owners

Thats just a small list. Think outside the box and you come up with even more.

7. Being to Eager- This is a biggie. Being to available to your prospects will make you come across as desperate. As a rule I say dont always be available for every call. This will let them value your time.

8. Answering every single question- While answering some questions are cool DO NOT spend hours on the phone answering questions. Your time is for income producing activities. Many times prospects will call with questions just to see how much you know. How do you fix that? Tell them you will find out the answers once they join.

9. Being cheap- Sometimes you really do get what you pay for. Sometime it pays to pay a little more up front to save headaches down the road. A perfect example of this is refusing to pay for training and only getting free stuff. While some free training is cool. Just remember you get what you pay for.

10. Being unwilling to stick it out- You have to be willing to keep trying even if the results are not immediate. Its never good to jump from company to company. All you will do it waste time and money.

So the most important out of this list is the first one. Always make sure you  have clarity and a vision, and a real reason why you want success. If you know why the universe will give you what you want as long as you take action. You should now a more concise view on How to Do Network Marketing.


Why people fail in network marketing – Where can I find the solution?

 Why people fail in network marketing

I hope you guys enjoyed my tips for network marketing success. Building a huge mlm down line does not have to be hard if you know where you a going and how to get there. So if you want to learn even more tips on how to build a home business without all the stress then you need click the banner below. I hope you enjoyed on my post about why people fail in network marketing.

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  1. SPLENDID says

    very true it is.For one to become successful in Network Marketing it involves a lot of commitment.Duplication is the key to success,if it doesn’t then one needs to improve.Never giving up always….MLM buss pays and one can put his r her life on it.21st century working smart and not working hard type of buss

  2. splendid says

    right on the dot,thanx for the true words of inspiration,Mostly people fail due to lack of a burning desire to become successful and mainly people fail in Network marketing because they dont believe in themselves….one must have a strong belief in him/herself…..A successful person is one who can lay a firm foundation with the bricks others have thrown at him…..Be blessed …splendchief

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